Birth Story Part 1

Sunday night we were lounging on the couch watching TV.  I got up to go to the restroom and felt a small trickle of liquid.  I wasn’t having any contractions at the time so we didn’t think anything of it and went to bed.  Later that night, well technically I guess it was early the next morning, I started having contractions.  I monitored my contractions and noticed they were within 5 minutes of each other.  Around 5 AM I decided to wake The Man up and that told him it was time to go to the hospital.  My contractions were strong but not unbearable.  We took our time gathering our things and putting the car seat in the car. We arrived to the hospital around 6:00 AM and got checked right in.  The nurse hooked me up to the monitors and started asking me a series of questions regarding my pregnancy and health history.  By that time my contractions had stopped and we were advised my water had not broken (I guess I just peed my pants).  About an hour later they released me to go home.  Once we got home I spent the day sleeping and relaxing while The Man finished up some honey do projects around the house.  That night we had a couple of friends over for dinner and enjoyed our last evening not as parents.

Around 2:00 AM Tuesday morning my contractions started again but this time they were severely stronger.  I was constantly running back and forth from my bedroom to the bath room. By 5:00 Am I decided there was no way I was making it into work, so I emailed my boss letting him know I would not be in.  My contractions continued to get stronger and stronger.  I took about 10 million baths to try to help relieve the pain.  I am pretty sure I drained our hot water tank.  At 11:40 my water broke.  I felt a  burst/popping feeling and then the uncontrollable liquid happened.  I called The Man (who was at work) and told him that it was really time to go to the hospital and to hurry home because my water had broke.  While the man was driving home from work I attempted to put myself together and gather our overnight bags.  By that point my contractions were extremely strong and close together.  I was in so much pain and trying to brace myself for the next contraction that I didn’t even time my contractions and how far apart they were, I just knew it was time.

The Man got home around noon, we loaded up the car and rushed to the hospital.  The hospital is only about 20 minutes from our house, but it felt like the longest ride ever!  We lucked out and found a parking spot close to the entrance of the hospital and made our way to the fourth floor.  Walking through the hospital was a bit of a challenge, I had to take several breaks and brace myself on a chair, wall or anything close by.  We finally made it to the laboring unit and we started the check in process all over again.   We were in a holding room while they checked us in.  Because we had answered all the check in questions the day before we didn’t have to go through them all over again which I was extremely thankful for.

Our goal was to have a natural delivery.  When we were in our holding room one side of my hand and leg were feeling numb and my hand had cramped up.  The nurse checking us in told me that if I was serious about having a natural delivery that I needed to slow my breathing WAY down.  This was a BIG eye opener for me.  I started to focus on what was happening and what my body needed to do vs. just living through the pain.   The Man coached me and worked with me to slow my breathing down.  He would tell me to slow my breathing down and then breathe with me.  He would also tell me when the contractions were on their way to being over (he could read them on the monitoring machine).  I love this and felt like there was light at the end of the tunnel.  One ironic thing was that the nurse who worked with us on Monday was the same nurse who helped us on Tuesday.  And, man I am glad it was her…. but more on that later.  The nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 5.  She moved us from the holding room to the delivery room.  On our way to our delivery room I had to take a break due to a contraction.  Our Nurse showed The Man a pressure point on my back to help relieve some of the pain during the contractions.  That tidbit was a life saver and really made the contractions more bearable.

Once we were set up in the delivery room I walked around for a couple of hours.  The Man was amazing in coaching me through the contractions and taking care of me with pushing on my lower back and grabbing puke bags while holding back my hair.  Our Nurse was also amazing.  They both would stand on one side of the bed and allow for me to squeeze the crap out of their hands during the contractions.  They both helped in trying to take my mind off the pain and keep me motivated for a natural birth.  The Man told me over and over “You can do this” and Tiffany would say something along the lines that if you can run a marathon you can do this.

I told Nurse Tiffany that I was feeling ready to start pushing and she notified the doctor.  She checked me and by that point I was dilated to an 8.  We endured through the contractions for a while longer.  The contractions were so strong and close together, and some of them didn’t even allow for a break before going into the next one.  It was at that point I really doubted if I could have our baby naturally.  I asked if it was too late for the epidural and our Nurse said that it wasn’t.  I remember looking at The Man and him saying to me “You can do this, give it five more minutes.”  our Nurse checked me again and it was time to start pushing.  By that point the doctor had come into the room and we were all ready for the delivery of our little guy.  At about 4:30 Nurse Tiffany told me that her shift ended at 5:00 and that I was to have my baby by then but that if I didn’t she was going to become the mean coach.  I joked back with her and told her that she couldn’t leave me and that I would not allow for it.

I was in a sitting position when I began to push, when we didn’t make any progress the doctor and nurse Tiffany suggested to lay me down.  I was hesitant to this in fear of being on my back would hurt more during the contractions.  I finally allowed for them to lower the bed.  The Man and our Nurse grabbed one of my legs and helped hold them back while I pushed.  The doctor and Nurse Tiffany would joke and say that its way cooler to say you had a natural delivery vs. running a marathon, and would ask me which one was better/harder a marathon or having a baby.  Of course during the moment I said I’d rather run a marathon any day.  That is soooooooooooo not the case, but at the time I didn’t know how much I would love, adore and cherish the little miracle that was about to be.  It was about 5:15 and our little guys heart was dipping during contractions.  I knew I needed to have this baby and soon.  I had several more pushes giving them everything I had and at 5:27 PM our little man was delivered.  We had done it, we had our little man naturally and I am so glad we did.  I am forever thankful to The Man, our Nurse and Doctor for being so amazing and helping us achieve our goal of a natural delivery.  I honestly believe that I could not have done it without those three amazing people.


Stay tuned for more about the rest of our stay, our little man and more.


From 26 Weeks Pregnant to having a New Born

Our little guy was born on the end of August and life as we knew it has drastically changed; for the better of course.


I was lucky in the fact that my pregnancy was un-complicated and I never really got sick.  I did manage to put on a lot more weight than I would have liked and also from what was recommended.  Now being 3 weeks postpartum  I am really regretting all those cookies,but man they were good!  I keep telling myself that we have a healthy little guy so it was all worth it.  I am anxiously waiting for my 6 week doctors appointment so that I can start working out again.  I am really looking forward to getting back to running and the sense of relief it gives me.

I am loving being a mom and I love my little man so much.   I feel like he has made me and everything about me a million times better!  I am hoping to blog more and update both mine and our little guys adventures.


Pregnancy so far – 26 Weeks

Pregnancy so far hasn’t been too bad.  I miss my old body, being more mobile, flexible and having energy, but I wouldn’t trade what’s to come for anything!


I am currently about 26 weeks pregnant, or for those of you that don’t speak in weeks (which is most of us) I am six months pregnant.  I have been very fortunate and haven’t been sick or nauseous during my pregnancy.  The two biggest side effects I’ve had and am still experiencing is constantly being tired and HUGE ta ta’s.  We are talking Dolly Parton huge!

photo6 weeks

photo 512 weeks

photo 824 weeks (and a very tight sports bra holding the girls in while coaching)

Working full-time during the day and then 4-5 hours coaching in the evenings takes a toll on me.  Both jobs I am on my feet and walking a ton.  Which is a good thing for me and the baby, specially since I haven’t been working out.  Walking is the extent of my cardio and exercise regiment.  Props to those ladies who work out during their pregnancy!  I totally blog stalk and admire Lindsay from Lindsay’s List!  She is my pregnancy lady inspiration!

As for the ta ta’s…. ladies where do you find undergarments large enough to hold the girls up and still feel comfortable?  Please do share your secrets with me!!  I’ve had the hardest time finding a brassiere that’s comfortable.  And, when I find one that I can tolerate I grow out of it in less than a month.  Seriously… I had no idea what I was in for.  Last week I dragged The Man to every department store I could find searching for something better, but came up totally empty handed and frustrated!  I recently purchased a brassiere off the web, lets pray and hope that it fits and that’s it comfortable!  I was really hesitant to buy one without trying it on but the web was the only place I could find sizes that were in the middle of the alphabet, we’ve totally passed those DD’s!

photo 4

Pregnancy at 26 Weeks:

  • Baby Boy is an estimated 13.5 inches and 1.5 lbs
  • I am sleeping okay, I’ve been waking up at 4:00 AM due to congestion
  • No stretch marks yet
  • Lots of movements!  So neat to see and feel!
  • Still wearing my rings
  • Having a hard time putting on my shoes, I am no longer tying the laces
  • Overall feeling good, but tired


Here We Go…. YES, Again!

Okay, okay.  I am going to try my hand at blogging…….. yes, again.  I miss documenting current events in my life and being apart of the blogging community.  I often wonder whats the point to blogging?  Several of my previous posts are super boring and not really relative to much.  But, on the flip side, I LOVE looking back on all the different events I’ve participated in and my year of running in 2012.  It’s a nice reflection for me.  So….I guess with that said, here we go again.

Once again, lets play catch up!

  • I loved my 24 Day Challenge!  The Advocare products are awesome and I can’t wait to use them again!  I apologize for never doing a recap on my challenge.  I promise to be better at documenting my next 24 day challenge.
  • I am still working full time during the day as technical support for a local school and coaching cheer and tumbling in the evenings.  I am no longer running a gym or at the same gym I previously coached at.  I kinda touched on that here if you want to read more….
  • The Man and I are engaged!  No date for the wedding yet…
  • The Murphster is still furry and great!  Love the boys in my life!
  • I haven’t ran a single mile in 2014…
  • I am still trying to maintain a healthy life style but there’s been a big change in my life causing me to consume any cookie in sight!
  • And, for the biggest catching up yet… I am six months pregnant!

I will apologize now for talking pregnancy and all things baby in posts to come, but it’s the direction my life has now taken and the next adventure I am on!  Sorry…not sorry!




The Haunted Half Recap

Hey there!  So the haunted half was a blast!  Here’s the recap!

Runners met at the Salt Lake City  Capital and were transported to the top of Emigration Canyon.  It was a cold morning and standing around outside was a bit miserable.

photo 1

(I don’t know those people… they photobombed my pic.  LOL)

The race started promptly at 9:00 AM, and thank heavens because it was cold and I was getting a bit stiff!  The first part of the race was pretty crowded, like they always are, it wasn’t until about mile three that runners started to spread out.  It was great seeing all the different costumes people dressed up in to run 13.1 miles.  I was super impressed!

photo 3

photo 4

The first about six miles descended through Emigration Canyon.  I LOVED the first six miles of this race.  They were fast, beautiful and down hill!!  The next four to five miles ran through the east bench of Salt Lake City, by the University of Utah.  These miles were mostly flat, but the hills hit around mile nine!  The hills were short but steep!  I opted to walk the hills since I have not really done much hill training… oh wait… I really didn’t do much training at all… but let’s get back to the Haunted Half, I’ll touch more on that in a bit.

photo 8

photo 10

The last 2-3 miles were a nice down hill decent to the finish line.

photo 11

By this time of the race I was surprised by how good I felt and the pace we were keeping.  The finish line was packed with people cheering runners run.  I finished in 2:10:06.  That’s averaging just under 10 minute miles for 13.1 miles.  Not too shabby.

photo 12

This was the first race I actually ran with a friend.  I am usually a bit of a loner and run by myself.  It’s okay, because I enjoy it.  I enjoy listening to my body, pushing my speed when I can, and holding back when I need to.  I always tell myself “run your race”.  I’ve ran a few races where I was in competition to beat someone and I HATED the race.  I didn’t enjoy what I was doing or how I felt afterwards.  I found that if I do my best and push where I can, I enjoy the race and experience a whole lot more!  I do have to admit it was fun to run with someone and it made the half marathon go by super fast.  It made it even better that the gal I ran with was running about my same pace.

photo 7

I really didn’t do a lot of training for this half.  I started running regularly about a month ago.  I’m running 3-4 miles two to three times a week, nothing much.  I didn’t do any long runs, speed or hill training.  I was not sure how I would feel running this half or how fast I would be able to finish it.  I was proud to come in at two hours and ten minutes.  And, I felt good.  I didn’t feel like I was going to kill over.  I actually felt like I could have ran a few more miles… I guess that goes to show I could have pushed my speed a bit more, now I know for next year.

The other thing I did different for this race was my breakfast.  I was runninlate the morning of the race so I didn’t have time for breakfast.  I grabbed some Advocare Slam and ran out the door.  I drank my Slam about 20 minutes before the race started and called it good.  Crazy thing…. I felt great.  My stomach didn’t feel heavy or upset and I had plenty of energy.  I did take a Gu at mile 6 and 11 because my legs were feeling a bit heavy.  I was super happy with my performance and how I felt after taking Slam.  I’ll be keeping those on hand for future races.


Back to The Haunted Half…. this was a fun race!  the course was fast, beautiful and fun!  They had Halloween decorations throughout the race and I loved running through the pumpkin head at the finish line.

photo 2

photo 9

photo 13

The event was well-organized and the free swag was good too.  I want to run this race again next year and hope for a PR of under two hours for the half!!

photo 14

photo 18

photo 17


Half way Mark and an up-coming Half Marathon….

So fall break came and went!  I am just now getting back into the swing of things.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks with lots of workouts and clean eats!

I clocked 11.25 miles running last week!

Completed 4 GPP workouts!

And, completed all my extra credit for the 24 Day Challenge!

I even managed to break my PB for number of burpees in one minute!  On average I am usually between 18-20, but last Wednesday I pulled out 21 burpees in one minute!!  I still don’t love burpees, but I keep telling myself I can do ANYTHING for one minute!!


I found a new favorite recipe….well I am not sure it qualifies for a recipe due to the fact there are only two ingredients… but hey it works!  So, we made breakfast for dinner last week and I made traditional pancakes for The Man but those are not on the approved food list for my challenge.  I was really wanting pancakes so I thought I’d give some paleo like pancakes a try.  I did a search on pintrest and found this one:

  • one mashed banana, mash it really good
  • one egg or egg whites

Mix the two ingredients together.  Grease your pan with your preferred method (Pam, olive oil, coconut oil and so on).  Cook on low for 5-10 minutes depending on the thickness.  Flip it and let the other side cook.  K, so flipping these bad boys is a bit difficult!  You want to make sure to cook them low and slow…fo-sure!  The other trick I used when flipping the pancake was to use two different pans.  I tried to flip the pancake using a spatula but I could tell it was going to fall apart on me. So, I took the pan and flipped the pancake over into a second pan.  Wahla!  It worked and stayed in tack.




Finished delicious pancake!

I’m still trying to hold strong to the 24 Day Challenge!  We took pictures at the half way mark, and I am happy to see the results.  Please be kind and know that I am really struggling to post this for the whole internet world to see…. GAH!  It’s embarrassing….


But, as embarrassing as it is…. it’s also motivation.  Motivation for not wanting to look like day #1 E.V.E.R A.G.A.I.N!

I’m not meaning to make excuses…. however, last year was very stressful for me and instead of releasing my stress through running and exercise, I found comfort in food and vegging out.

I’m finding my way back healthy and fit! One day at a time!

The challenge is going good, I am loving some of the Advocare products and just liking several others.  I’ll do a full review once the challenge is over….

I can’t believe I have less than one week remaining!  Man, the time went by fast!

Tomorrow is the Haunted Half!  I am super excited to run the half tomorrow!  It’s been over a year since I ran my last half marathon!  Expect a full re-cap next week!

Happy Friday!!



Yesterday’s workout: 20 Minutes HIIT running, 15 Minutes walking = 2.63 Miles and…




Courtesy of GPP Fitness!

Man, that KBAB was a doosie!  My whole body was on fire coming down the other side of the pyramid!

I like KB workouts… I mean, what’s not to like about swinging around a heavy ball like thing with a handle!  I do, however, always worry that as I’m working out, throwing around the KB and my hands get sweatier and sweatier, that the KB is going to slip through my grip and go flying into the wall.  I pray that never happens, as I am sure The Man would not be so happy with me.

Last night for dinner we made Spaghetti Squash with Gilled Chicken and Sun Dried tomatoes.  It was freakin fantastic!  I found the recipe on Tasty Kitchen’s website.  I love the internet and all the resources for healthy recipes!  A few of my favorite sites are:

and of course…

The Spaghetti Squash with Grilled Chicken and Sun Dried Tomatoes is one of my new favorites and  will be making a frequent appearance at my house!


Did I mention it’s super healthy?!?!

Here’s the recipe…

Spaghetti Squash

You can also click on the picture and it will take you directly to Tasty Kitchen’s website.